Lip enhancement can be recognized as a procedure that restores and enhances the volume of your lips as well as the smooth vertical lines around the mouth and the lips. Few of the lip enhancement procedures performed by our facial plastic surgeons are as follows:

Lip Augmentation : One of the commonly adopted facial plastic surgery procedures, lip augmentation gives you fuller and plumper lips. As your age advances, your lips tend to become thin and lined. Lip lift and lip reshaping can enable you to get more youthful lips that improve the aesthetic appearance of your face. The improved appearance of surrounding facial structures such as the nose, teeth is also one of the outcomes of the surgery.

Lip reduction : Some people are not happy with their lips. Plastic surgery procedures like lip reduction improve your facial appearance by decreasing the size and volume of the upper, lower or both the lips. Unproportionate lips that are extremely large can hamper the look of your face.