Facial Plastic Surgery

One of the core branches of plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery helps in improving the individual’s facial appearance and expressions for better interaction and communication. We offer a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures to improve certain parts of the face or to treat specific types of facial abnormalities that are present by birth such as cleft lip or a birthmark and any other kind of birth deformities. Our comprehensive treatment approach includes a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures for different parts of the face along with cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Here are some important procedures that are performed by our skilled and expert facial plastic surgeons for different parts of the face:


Commonly referred to as ‘nose job’ or the ‘nose reshaping’, the rhinoplasty is recommended to patients who want to improve the shape of their nose by making significant changes in the bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty can help you in correcting nose abnormalities such as nasal asymmetry, narrow nostrils, hooked or enlarged nasal tip, and improper nose size. This kind of facial plastic surgery also helps in correcting a deviated septum that obstructs the airway and is the prime cause of breathing and airway related disorders in people. The surgery helps in attaining better alignment through proper adjustment of the nasal structure.


We provide plastic surgery services for correction of ear deformities for the following:
Ear Reconstruction: The reconstruction surgery of ear helps in repairing an ear that is damaged due to any congenital disorder, trauma injury or diseases like cancer. The major ear reconstruction surgeries that are performed by our facial plastic surgeons include Microtia Repair, Otoplasty, and ear defect repairs.
Lobule Piercing: Lobule or earlobe piercing is one of the earliest forms of body modification in which the surgeons perforate the center of the earlobe so that you can adorn your ear with beautiful jewelry. Our approach ensures less pain and faster recovery and healing.
Bat Ear Correction:Bat Ear can be identified as an ear deformity in which the person suffers from protruding ears or ears poke out. We perform ear correction surgery such as otoplasty in adults and children that involves pulling the ears close to the head for improved facial appearance.
Ear Lobule Keloid:These can occur as a result of burns, trauma injury or cosmetic ear piercing and can cause severe complications and difficulties in the treatment. We adopt both the surgical and non-surgical treatment approach depending upon the severity of the condition.


Lip enhancement can be recognized as a procedure that restores and enhances the volume of your lips as well as the smooth vertical lines around the mouth and the lips. A few of the lip enhancement procedures performed by our facial plastic surgeons are as follows:
Lip Augmentation: One of the commonly adopted facial plastic surgery procedures, lip augmentation gives you fuller and plumper lips. As your age advances, your lips tend to become thin and lined. Lip lift and lip reshaping can enable you to get more youthful lips that improve the aesthetic appearance of your face. The improved appearance of surrounding facial structures such as the nose, and teeth is also one of the outcomes of the surgery.
Lip reduction: Some people are not happy with their lips. Plastic surgery procedures like lip reduction improve your facial appearance by decreasing the size and volume of the upper, lower, or both lips. Unproportionate lips that are extremely large can hamper the look of your face.


Blepharoplasty is one of the most widely performed forms of plastic surgery for repairing the droopy eyelids and involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and muscles. We perform both upper lid and lower lid Blepharoplasty surgery. The surgery is significant in treating sagging and droopy eyelids that irritate the individual as they are not able to completely open their eyes. Apart from this, the surgery also helps in the removal of eye bags under the eyes which is the excess fat under the eyes that gives a baggy look to the eyes. The upper eyelid blepharoplasty is done to tighten the eyelid skin so that you can get a more youthful look. The lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed to reduce the excess, fat and skin below the eyes that makes your eyes baggy and puffy and you appear to look tired all the time.


The facial plastic surgery for chin is performed primarily on the chin area as well as the lower jawline that results in significant improvement in the facial looks and thus, enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Following plastic surgery procedures are performed in patients for enhancing the chin shape:
Chin Augmentation: The surgery is primarily performed for reshaping the chin size by making potential improvements in the bone contour of the chin area. The procedure can be referred to as Genioplasty. Moreover, under projected skin chin can be treated as the surgeons fit implant on the chin bone beneath the skin. The major goal of the surgery is to restore facial harmony.
Chin Reduction: The Mentoplasty or commonly known as chin reduction surgery is performed to reduce the projecting chin. The surgeons remove a part of the bone tissue. Thus, the individual can get rid of the excessively bulging chin and can enhance the overall facial expressions.


The cheek correction surgery is undertaken for improving the cheek appearance and can be highly beneficial for people who have flat or sunken cheeks and are looking for cheek sculpting options. The surgical procedure highlights your cheekbones thereby making your face balanced, more attractive and youthful. Following are the types of cheek correction surgery provided by our facial plastic surgeons:
Cheek augmentation: The procedures help in adding volume to the cheeks or to lift the cheeks. As the age advances, your cheeks begin to sag leading to flattening or thinning of cheeks. Cheeks implant is inserted that makes your cheeks fuller and enhances your cheekbones. Injectable filler can also be used in this process.
Dimple creation: The plastic surgery helps in creating artificial dimples that complement the smile of a person and is considered as an important feature for enhancing facial beauty.

Face Lift

Rhytidectomy or commonly known as the facelift is the surgical procedure in facial plastic surgery that aims at providing a more youthful look and appearance to the person. The primary focus in the surgery is to reshape the lower part of the face by removal of excess facial skin, tightening the loose and hanging skin around the jawline. The tissues underlying the skin are also tightened along with the removal of deep creases near the mouth, nose, skin, and fat under the chin and near the neck. The facelift surgery combined with other facial surgeries provides the best outcomes in terms of enhancement of eyelids, forehead, eyebrows, and cheeks. Thus, our facial plastic surgeons have expertise in providing quality surgical treatment for face enhancement.


Our facial plastic expert offer quality non-surgical treatment such as botox and fillers. The treatment is highly recommended for individuals who want to avoid pain caused due to surgical procedures and who are looking for instant results. The popularity of the injectables is continuously increasing and dermal fillers are in trend. The dermal fillers can be identified as the gel-like substances that are injected below the skin so that the lost volume of the skin can be restored. It also enhances the facial contours and aesthetic beauty of the face by softening the smooth lines and the creases of your face. The injectables also help in overcoming multiple issues associated with the face structure such as lip enhancement, improving the facial symmetry, restoring the sunken cheeks, etc.

Brow Lift

One of the outpatient procedures, our facial plastic surgery specialists perform the brow lift surgery or the forehead lift surgery helps in rejuvenating your facial features, particularly above the eyes. Thus, the patient can get a more refreshed appearance that enhances their natural look. Advancing age can be a major reason for the sagging of eyebrows which can adversely impact your facial expressions. You can always look tired, angry or worried. The plastic surgeons remove the sagging skin on the forehead so that the underlying muscles and tissues can be repositioned. The brow lift surgery is performed with great precision at our hospital, and therefore, it helps in addressing such problems and thus, improves the self-confidence of the patients, makes their eyes more bright and open and enhances the aesthetic beauty of the entire face.

Skin Treatment

The facial plastic surgery department at Siddham Hospital provides specialized skin treatment for more youthful and glowing skin. The treatment includes laser hair removal, skin tightening, acne scar treatment, dermal filler, botox treatment, birthmark and mole removal, and chemical peeling. In addition to this, the different kinds of skin treatment will not only help in improving the aesthetic appearance of the body but offers dramatic results to the patient as the overall skin health is improved. Factors like aging cannot be overcome and thus, the skin is adversely affected when a person gets older. Aging can cause sagging of the skin, thinning and discoloration of the skin along with rough, dull and dry looking skin. It further leads to a raised amount of red and brown pigment in the skin.

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo can be identified as a condition in which loss of skin pigments occur leading to white spots and patches appearing on the skin. The cells that are responsible for producing a color of the skin, such as melanocytes are destroyed and they are not able to produce the skin pigment melanin. Thus, loss of melanin can result in loss of natural skin color and the white color replaces the skin. The vitiligo can also cause mental and psychological stress in the patient as there are various social stigmas associated with the disease. Surgeries to restore skin colour is performed that reduces the stigma of the condition.

Facial Scar Surgery

Post-burn scarring can result in facial feature deformity that leads to facial disfigurement. Many Plastic surgical procedures are being performed to restore the facial features. Sometimes the combination of surgical procedures are being required.

Hair Treatment

Hair transplant is one of the effective hair treatment procedures that is adopted by plastic surgeons to overcome the problem of hair thinning and baldness in the long-run. Our team of experienced facial plastic surgeons performs hair transplant procedures with great expertise and thus, helps in addressing issues associated with hair fall and hair loss. The procedure is performed by picking hair from a particular area of the scalp where the hair growth is comparatively high and thus, these hairs are grafted to the area where baldness has occurred or where the hair is relatively thin. In addition to this, we utilize most advanced hair transplant treatment procedures such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma).

Laser Treatment

One of the widely used procedures for skin treatment, laser treatment involves the use of lasers for improving the skin irregularities, deformities, and removal of skin blemishes. The treatment helps you to get enhanced skin and much younger-looking skin. One of the core benefits of this procedure is that our plastic and cosmetic surgeons can customize the treatment as per the specific patient’s requirements and thus, can treat the particular area of the skin. We offer laser treatment to treat a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • Laser Hair reduction
  • Tattoo removal
  • Pigmentation removal
  • Treatment of large facial pores

Reconstructive Surgery

The reconstructive surgical procedures are performed to treat the different body parts who have lost functionality as well as aesthetic appearance due to any trauma injury, congenital defects, cancerous tumors, and developmental disabilities. Many times cancer treatment results in significant damage to a body part that affects the appearance of the entire body. Thus, reconstructive surgery undertaken helps in the repair of such damage. Our facial plastic surgery specialists provide reconstructive surgery services to treat multiple issues such as:
Facial fractures: These fractures can be minor or major and involve the fracture of cheekbones, the forehead, upper and lower jawline, the nose and the eyes. Along with this, the surgical repairing process also includes the reconstruction of lips, skin, tongue, and eyelids.

Cleft Lip Palate Surgery

One of the commonly found birth defects and facial deformities in babies, the cleft lip or palate is identified as a condition in which the baby is born with an opening in the roof of the mouth or the upper lip. Thus, it creates a hole between the mouth and the nose. One of the common birth anomalies, the cleft lip and cleft palate can either occur individually or these defects might occur together also. The cleft lip palate repair surgery is one of the surgical procedures that are adopted by our plastic surgeons for restoring the function of lips and mouth and thus, provides a more normal and natural facial appearance to the baby. Moreover, the repair surgery also improves the child’s ability to breathe, eat, listen and speak.