We provide plastic surgery services for correction of ear deformities for the following:

Ear Reconstruction : The reconstruction surgery of ear helps in repairing an ear that is damaged due to any congenital disorder, trauma injury or diseases like cancer. The major ear reconstruction surgeries that are performed by our facial plastic surgeons include Microtia Repair, Otoplasty, and ear defect repairs.

Lobule Piercing : Lobule or earlobe piercing is one of the earliest forms of body modification in which the surgeons perforate the center of the earlobe so that you can adorn your ear with beautiful jewelry. Our approach ensures less pain and faster recovery and healing.

Bat Ear Correction : Bat Ear can be identified as an ear deformity in which the person suffers from protruding ears or ears poke out. We perform ear correction surgery such as otoplasty in adults and children that involves pulling the ears close to the head for improved facial appearance.

Ear Lobule Keloid : These can occur as a result of burns, trauma injury or cosmetic ear piercing and can cause severe complications and difficulties in the treatment. We adopt both the surgical and non-surgical treatment approach depending upon the severity of the condition.