The inability to fall asleep has gradually become one of the most common issues that young adults face these days. Our lives have become way faster than what it used to be before the industrial revolution came along disrupting the pattern of human existence and evolution. Among various other reasons, the common reason why people find it troublesome to fall asleep is due to the high levels of stress that we endure daily.

Chronic stress can lead to an alarming depletion of the body’s resources thereby disrupting normal functionality. Among other common causes of sleep, disruption is anxiety and depression, both of which can either be chronic or triggered due to some element in the environment. Failing to fall asleep may cause some of you to stress out even more which would further disrupt your sleep and any attempt made thereafter might seem futile.

In this article, we shall be discussing two simple and most effective methods that you can try on your own which will help relax your brain thereby enabling you to fall asleep

1. Control your breathing

Breathing is the most important aspect of our body’s function and not just because it enables us to process oxygen but also because all vitals within our system are synced with our breathing rate. If your breathing is erratic and irregular, then the body will believe that something is amiss and chemicals that might not be needed in the said situation would be released unnecessarily thereby creating an imbalance within your body that would hinder you from completing the task that you need to. However, if you control your breathing by steadying the process, eventually you will find out that your vitals are normalizing and within no time you might fall asleep.

2. Tire yourself

Many of us lie down in bed with a very restless and active mind, a mind that keeps wandering without our permission. These thoughts that capture our attention become increasingly difficult to let go of and to free your mind of any thought the best solution is to tire yourself physically which would make your body send signals to your brain indicating it to shut off which would then result in you falling in a deep slumber as soon as you hit the bed. The body works on chemical and neural signals which are received by the brain. The best way to get what you want is by convincing your brain of it.

These two methods usually help people fall asleep without the aid of any medication or medical opinion. Think of it as a means to achieve something that otherwise might not be possible and that too without any external aid,

If you have serious sleep-related troubles that are interfering with your daily life, we would suggest you visit an Ear, Neck, and throat clinic which can help you in addressing all your problems at once and treating the same with therapy and medications.