5 Tips for Healthy Hearing

In life we presume that whatever exists shall continue to exist in the same manner without any change, this presumption exists as we refuse to give any serious thought to the possibility of a situation wherein the status quo may not be the same. People often are heard saying that precaution is better than cure and in this article, we shall explore various lifestyle choices one ought to make in order to maintain yourself efficiently so that your hearing faculties continue to deliver at the same level for a longer duration. In this article, we shall discuss five tips for healthy hearing.

1. Stop using cotton swabs.
Our ears function in such a manner that they do not require any external help when it comes to cleaning the wax. Our ears are perfectly capable of self-cleansing and that is what they have been doing for a very long time until the industrial revolution changed the way we dealt with things. Using ear cleaning swabs can potentially damage the eardrums which can result in a permanent hearing loss.

2.Moderate volume while using earphones
Listening to music on high volumes for long durations of time can possibly damage your ears permanently or might even impair your hearing efficiency which might force you to seek medical aid and advice that may or may not be able to solve your problem.

3.Use earplugs in loud noise areas
When you are aware that noise levels of a particular area are on an average high, then before you enter such an area it is advised to plug your earplugs as they will protect your sensitive drums from those highly strong vibrations which have been known to cause a loss in hearing or, in a few cases, even permanent deafness.

4. Give your ears time to recover
After having exposed your ears to loud levels of sound, it is advised that you take some rest in the sense that you refrain from overburdening your ears by continued exposure to the same environment. You should rather go and find a quiet place where you could possibly spend a while, in which time your ears shall have received enough rest to sustain another burst of loud sounds.

5. Avoid smoking cigarettes
Believe it or not, studies have proven that a few chemicals used in cigarettes tend to cause a loss in hearing which, in some cases, can be permanent also. Out of the total cases reported, the number of smokers reporting a loss in hearing is higher than those who do not smoke.

With the advancement in technology, it has become very simple for us to cure what would have seemed impossible just a hundred years ago. That being said, it is still better to take care of ourselves without having to utilize technology that may or may not have other side effects, known or unknown.

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